Upcoming Retreats

We are currently planning a Mobility & Movement Adventure Retreat in Tarifa, Spain!

Spaces are limited, we’re guaranteeing quality!

What You Will Get

A glamping yurt with top quality beds as we prioritise a good nights rest.

Eco wooden shower blocks located beneath olive trees, well designed & newly built so you can enjoy your warm shower in comfort.

1000m of natural unpolluted river
that flows though the national park & the finca, suitable for swimming & paddling. Completely private.

A private spot in wilderness where you can enjoy the stars with no light or noise pollution.

3 organic meals per day,
all locally sourced & freshly prepared.

A movement or mobility workshop (1-2 times) each day to cover different methods (mobility, locomotion and animal flows, gymnastics & calisthenics). You can join in or sit out any one you choose! A total of 10 workshops to join in on!

One private coaching session for each person.

Several guided hikes: the Buddha Trail with views spanning all of Tarifa (1.5-2 hours), expedition to discover a Hidden Waterfall (day trip), beach front hike from Bolonia to Punta Paloma via sand dunes & pine forests with a stop at the ‘natural swimming pools’ of the sea. Beauty is guaranteed!

Survival Skills: learn to light a fire, build shelter & recognise plants that are medicinal.

Optional Extras: surfing or stand up paddle-boarding
with 2 Team GB Windsurfers, James & Kacper, you will be in safe hands!

Our last evening will be one to remember, a barbecue feast with award winning steaks (optional), local organic vegetables & a fire pit to get cosy, enjoy the stars and relax!

Join in or Chill out! No stress or commitments here!

Flights are not included, but we can arrange pick up if needed!

About Our Host

Neil Hill is our good friend and one of Europe’s leading Wilderness Experts! He will be providing the accommodation and organic food as well as hosting some adventure & survival skills elements in our retreat! Together we aim to reintroduce the wilderness to your life, bring back awareness and connectivity with your body & the land.

Neil founded Rewilding Bushcraft to share his passion of the natural world with people. He believes that our modern disconnection from nature is leading directly to many of our personal, physical and social problems.

By training, a wildlife biologist and wilderness instructor, Neil has led expeditions into some of the world’s most beautiful, remote and wild environments. As well as these more adventurous undertakings Neil specialises in working with children, family groups and schools. It is so important to bring children out into nature away from screens and the indoors.

On his courses he will lead you into the wild places to engage with; fire lighting, shelter building, swimming in mountain lakes, climbing waterfalls and simply sitting and reconnecting with nature.You will learn to read the landscape like a book and to understand the language of the birds and the stories that animals leave on the ground through their tracks and sign. To discover what is safe to eat and what can heal you.

You will be taken safely on this journey by Neil, who is one of Europe’s leading nature and wilderness experts.
His patient and motivational approach has helped many people rediscover their birth right, bringing the joy of nature and the spirit of adventure back into their lives.

The Location

Closest Airports

Gibraltar (50 mins)

Seville (2 hours)

Malaga (2 hours)

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