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Our Team

We used to be a 2 man show but recently we have upscaled and brought some new faces into our team to improve the quality of our products or to keep up with the workload we have so far.



I am a certified Mobility & Rehabilitation Coach, Level 3 PT & have a 1:1 (BSc). I specialise in mobility & rehabilitation, getting others back to the sports they love doing and out of pain. Over my career I have been studying, going on courses & practicing mobility & rehabilitation with my own injuries of which I have had a few! 6 years ago I was in my second car accident when a car hit mine which resulted in 3 herniated discs, nerve damage & muscle degradation and loss of feeling. At this point I struggled to walk and my back specialists and physios told me it wouldn’t get any better. This experience fueled my passion to help other people heal pain, and learn new movement, and now I also love teaching other coaches about our methods that we have compiled over a combined 12 + years of research.

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Hali doing a cleanHali in a deep squat
Calum coaching a client on ringsCalum doing a muscle up on the rings



I am certified in Personal Training and Functional Range Conditioning. I began my career in the fitness industry working 1 on 1 with clients in a gym setting, helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. After studying bodybuilding, nutrition and other methods of training I came to realise that the vast majority of the health & fitness industry was focused on body image and counting macros and not so much on optimal health and function of the human body. This along with healing several of my own injuries and working alongside Hali, made me shift my focus more into calisthenics & movement training. We have been coaching 100s of people since to get out of pain & learn to move with newfound freedom & skill.

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I have competed as an elite Gymnast from a young age and my best achievement was winning Gold with Team England at the Cheerleading World Championships in 2017. Strength and flexibility are key for my sport and I teach these training techniques to all my clients because nothing is more empowering than training for what your body can do rather than what it looks like! I also understand the frustrations around recovering from an injury or severe pain. Following a gymnastics accident when I was 15, Doctors told me to rest whilst my coaches wanted me to continue training. For years I pushed through severe muscular pain and spasms and had accepted that I would always have ‘a bad back. But now I live and train pain free after taking the time to get to know what my limitations were and working on these consistently through strength, stability and mobility training that was specific to my needs. This is the same approach I have used with hundreds of clients face to face in the gym and online to rehabilitate their injuries and pain. Each client’s experience is so individual and it’s really important to me to take the time to get to know you and your body’s requirements to set you on the path to recovery as soon as possible.

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Kim doing a barbell row
James windsurfing



Hi I'm James :) I design all the products you use here at FMF. I met and got involved working with Hali and Calum by meeting them in Tarifa a few years ago while I was training to be a professional windsurfer (which I am now). They gave some really new insight into training and we started talking about design and my short but intense education in it. One thing lead to another and now they help me prepare for world cup windsurfing and I create the products for them to reach people in new ways! I hope you like this website, its been a labour of love for us for quite some time now! 👋

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I am a Personal Trainer with a mobility training certification and two certifications in pregnant and postpartum exercise.  I've always been an athlete; I played college soccer and once competitive sports ended, I joined a CrossFit gym.  When I became pregnant, I didn't know how to continue my athleticism during pregnancy and into motherhood.  Guidance on exercise during pregnancy and recovery postpartum is difficult to come by.  I was lost, so I decided to educate myself with two pre/postnatal exercise certifications.  During my postpartum recovery, I also discovered (and became certified in) mobility training.  I truly believe it's the type of exercise that every postpartum woman needs and they probably don't even know it.   A woman's body goes through many physiological changes during pregnancy and it takes a long time to heal (months, not weeks).  Women often find they have lingering pain in their hips, lower back, SI joint, shoulders (everywhere!).  I want to help pregnant women understand how to stay active during pregnancy and I want to help postpartum women live pain free lives so they can continue to do the things they love.

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Ellen stretching while holding a child
Chelsea walking in the mountains



Hi, I’m Chelsea! I’m a Coach and Doctor of Physical Therapy, and I believe that staying active and feeling physically unlimited allows us to experience deeper, richer lives. It wasn’t until I went through years of ankle pain from an intense ankle injury that I really understood how not being able to do the workouts you love can affect your entire life. First I gave up running, then strength workouts, then long walks until one day I didn’t even feel like myself anymore. This ultimately ignited an intense passion to learn how to use movement, mobility, mindset and strength to overcome physical limitations. Finally, I reclaimed the life that I knew I was capable of living. This has led to an amazing career of helping everyone from professional athletes, to recreational athletes, to runners and hikers in their 70s and 80s - all get back to doing what they love. My aim is to help you do the same.

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Hi, I'm Owen. I make the videos around here.

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Owen and the team doing advanced squats