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1 to 1 Coaching

Personalised online Mobility & Strength coaching delivered via an app with exercise tutorials, coach feedback & support.

First we get started with a full body joint assessment & consultation.


Hali & Calum have over 18 years experience coaching collectively. They have completed numerous courses, certifications, been obsessed with studies for decades (find out more in the about us section found in the footer). They have first hand dealt with injury & recovery as well as countless clients!

Kim has joined our team so you are getting the experience of 3 coaches for the price of one.


We use TrueCoach to create personalised programs for each client with our video tutorials and instructions attached in an easy to use app. On this platform you can send back your own feedback & videos for us to review. We blend our programming on the app with in person 1-1 video call check-ins (if you choose them as extra) where we can discuss areas of difficulty & teach you movements in real time that you may find more complex. This way we don't ever waste time on what is easy to cover, and save our 1-1 video calls for the important stuff!

How Do I Get Started?

We begin with a joint assessment & movements screen via email or Whatsapp.
You simply watch our videos and send your video back.

Then we find a time to chat to discuss the results & your movement & injury history as well as personal situation.

Customer testimonials

"After years of prolonged knee pain thanks to my Osgood Schlaters, I decided to see Hali & Calum. After a few short weeks of focused workouts i started to see a big difference in my knees. There was a significant reduction in pain and my legs felt stronger"

Benjamin S.

"I realised just how much you and your programming has helped me.... After my 23rd birthday I thought I had really screwed things up and my mental and physical body were trashed. But here I am at almost 30 and I look and feel younger and i'm just grateful to be alive inside and our again."

Chris M.

"In the short time you've been working with me I have experienced immediate benefits and my mood has increased tenfold. Feeling the release in my hips is also releasing tensions in my mind and i've never felt this great. I am so grateful for this."

Sarah G.


This is a team effort, from both of us and that leads us to having some basic rules & tips on getting the most out of our coaching.

About Us


I am a certified Mobility & Rehabilitation Coach, Level 3 PT & have a 1:1 (BSc). I specialise in mobility & rehabilitation, getting others back to the sports they love doing and out of pain. Over my career I have been studying, going on courses & practicing mobility & rehabilitation with my own injuries of which I have had a few! 6 years ago I was in my second car accident when a car hit mine which resulted in 3 herniated discs, nerve damage & muscle degradation and loss of feeling. At this point I struggled to walk and my back specialists and physios told me it wouldn’t get any better. This experience fueled my passion to help other people heal pain, and learn new movement, and now I also love teaching other coaches about our methods that we have compiled over a combined 12 + years of research.


I am certified in Personal Training and Functional Range Conditioning. I began my career in the fitness industry working 1 on 1 with clients in a gym setting, helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. After studying bodybuilding, nutrition and other methods of training I came to realise that the vast majority of the health & fitness industry was focused on body image and counting macros and not so much on optimal health and function of the human body. This along with healing several of my own injuries and working alongside Hali, made me shift my focus more into calisthenics & movement training. We have been coaching 100s of people since to get out of pain & learn to move with newfound freedom & skill.

Payments are done via a private checkout page released after consultation.
You cannot buy coaching without a consultation beforehand.

1 Coaching Space are opening up in January please get in touch to get the consultation process started & join our waitlist to be the first to grab the spot :) 


Personalised Online Coaching
3 Months : £1029 (£343/month)
4 Months : £1255 (£313.75/month)
6 Months :  £1800 (£300/month)
12 Months : £2999 (£249.91/month)

1 to 1 Live Coaching Calls
1x 30 Minute Initial Consultation Call : £50
2x 60 Minute Call : £140

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