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12 Week

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12 Week Program delivered via PDF that can be used interactively on your phone, laptop or tablet.

Get our Ankle, Hip, Spine and Shoulder 12 Week PDF Programs at a discounted price!

The Bundle

The Program

The Course

Whats Included :

- 12 Week Program with a cheat sheet to understand the terminology. 📱

- Video links to exercise tutorials. 📹

- 2/3 sessions/week lasting approximately 30 mins 📆

- Anatomy Overview
(Functions Explained & Muscles Involved). 📚

- 12 Week Program with a cheat sheet to understand the terminology. 📱

- Video links to exercise tutorials. 📹

- 3/4 sessions/week lasting approximately 60 mins with optional daily mobility 📆

- Private WhatsApp Support Group with 3 coaches (just email your mobile number & order number to be added via our website) 📲

- Anatomy Overview
(Functions Explained & Muscles Involved). 📚

- 12 Week Program with a cheat sheet to understand the terminology. 📱

- Video Explainers & detailed tutorials. 📹

- 4 sessions lasting aprox. 60 mins each & 20-30 min optional daily sessions lasting approximately 60 mins with optional daily 10 minute mobility 📆
This is not a personalised knee rehabilitation program, but rather an overall, get your knees in the best shape they have ever been…program.
£ 30.00 GBP
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*You have videos attached to each exercise, some of which may have a time stamp to scroll to, this is how we have ensured bringing you as many exercises as possible in this time.

This course is for coaches and movement enthusiasts who want to take mobility training to the next level.

40+ Hours of content
Join hundreds of students

Beatrice B. (Yoga Teacher)

If you're just starting on your movement journey, this course is the best way to place solid foundations for all your future trainings. If you're already an experienced mover, this course will help you pinpoint those weak/sore/tight spots you should be working on to unlock your full potential. If you're a trainer/therapist, this course will give you a structure to follow when assessing and programming for your clients. Basically, this course has something to offer to everyone! Being a trainer and yoga teacher, but also an avid mover, this course has given me insight into Hali's and Calum's amazing method, which has done wonders for my own mobility! I though it was time to give back and acquire their skills and knowledge so that I can put it to the service of my own students. So happy about my choice! :) The course is packs a LOT of information in easy - to - follow chapters and Hali and Calum are super quick in replying to any doubts or questions that might come up along the way

Our structured learning platform brings you the latest scientific principles that backs up methods used in real life to achieve innovative results in healing pain and breaking free from movement restrictions.


Years of experience


Hours Of Content




Case Studies



Whats Inside?

MODULE ONE : Muscular & Joint Anatomy, Bio-tensegrity & Fascia

Anatomy, Joints & Functions, Human Biology, DNA adaptation, & Bio-tensegrity.

MODULE TWO: Movement & Joint Assessments

Movement & Posture Assessments: Functional Movement Screens, Joint Specific Assessments, Posture Assessments.

MODULE THREE : Our Method : Mobility, Stability & Strength

The Science of Our Method: Mobility, Stability & Strength. Warming up, Mobility Training, What are PAILs & RAILs, Isometrics, Hovers & Rotations? What is stability work? What is RNT? When to use resistance bands & What is Functional Training? Programing protocols & identifying pain.

MODULE FOUR: Case Study Walkthrough

In this module we cover 3 main case studies to show you how to use mobility training methods in the real world. Here you have a chance to test your assessment skills & programming. We also walk you through reasons behind why we would program a certain way.

MODULE FIVE: Performance Optimisation

Topics to investigate with clients to enhance performance, recovery & reduce inflammation. CNS fatigue & Active Recovery. Scientifically Backed Performance Optimisation Techniques: Breathing, Longevity & Flexibility/Mobility Training, Red Light Therapy, HIIT, Grounding, Alternating Hot & Cold Therapy, Sleep Quality, HRV tracking, Zone Training. Training Special Populations (groups, injuries & the elderly).

MODULE SIX : Hyper-Mobility Vs Hypo-Mobility

Hyper-mobility Vs Hypo-mobility, What is tightness?, Hyper-mobility Testing, How to coach different types of 'mobility’, The 4 Types of Flexibility Work, What Is Range Of Motion?, Level 1,2&3 CARs.

MODULE SEVEN : Taking Your Business Online

 Taking your business online: where to start? Cross-pollinating your content, Find your Niche, How to make content & Imposter Syndrome.

Amanda B.

Mega impressed with the course so far, finding it easy & interesting to chomp through!

Martin M.

100% knew I needed to dive deeper into the knowledge of the body, the personal training book isn’t enough

Bea. B

This course gave me the blueprint to put all the pieces together & provide my clients with a mobility program tailored to their specific needs. Seeing a client smile when they gain new ROM & move freely makes me so happy

Hi, We're Hali Calum.
Your Teachers

I am a certified Mobility & Rehabilitation Coach, Level 3 PT & have a 1:1 (BSc). I specialise in mobility & rehabilitation, getting others back to the sports they love doing and out of pain. Over my career I have been studying, going on courses & practicing mobility & rehabilitation with my own injuries of which I have had a few! 6 years ago I was in my second car accident when a car hit mine which resulted in 3 herniated discs, nerve damage & muscle degradation and loss of feeling. At this point I struggled to walk and my back specialists and physios told me it wouldn’t get any better. This experience fueled my passion to help other people heal pain, and learn new movement, and now I also love teaching other coaches about our methods that we have compiled over a combined 12 + years of research.
I am certified in Personal Training and Functional Range Conditioning. I began my career in the fitness industry working 1 on 1 with clients in a gym setting, helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. After studying bodybuilding, nutrition and other methods of training I came to realise that the vast majority of the health & fitness industry was focused on body image and counting macros and not so much on optimal health and function of the human body. This along with healing several of my own injuries and working alongside Hali, made me shift my focus more into calisthenics & movement training. We have been coaching 100s of people since to get out of pain & learn to move with newfound freedom & skill.

What Our Students Say

Practical Elements

  • The methods we use to assess and analyse.
  • Cheat sheets of joint angles, muscles to be lengthened, muscles to be strengthened etc.
  • Video explainers of joint functions, muscles involved & movements it impacts.
  • How to coach different types of 'mobility’, The 4 Types of Flexibility Work.
  • Level 1,2&3 CARs.
  • Practical guides on how to program in order to improve joint function.
  • Video & Case Study examples to practice on.
  • Questionnaires, Tests & Discussions to help you grasp the methods into practical, usable systems.
  • Taking your business online.

The Science

  • Muscular & Joint Anatomy.
  • Tensegrity, Bio-Tensegrity & Fascia.
  • Neuromuscular & DNA adaptation.
  • CNS fatigue & Active Recovery.
  • The importance of Breathing & how Longevity is linked to Flexibility/Mobility Training.
  • Recovery & Inflammation. Red Light Therapy, HIIT, Grounding, Alternating Hot & Cold Therapy.
  • Sleep Quality, HRV tracking, Zone Training. Training Special Populations.

The Course

The Aim of the Course

The Mobility & Rehabilitation Online Course strives to provide students with a scientific background to an easy to follow methodology of assessment and programming that will help them decrease pain and movement restrictions. 

Whats Inside : 

  • Lessons, Presentations, Video’s, Quiz & Case Study Examples/Tests

  • Online further study material including Videos, Studies, Books & useful Websites.

  • Templates & Cheat-Sheets you can use in practice.
  • Lists of relevant Books & Tools.

  • Access to tutor support via WhatsApp & Email.

  • Ongoing support & course updates.

  • Trade secrets that took 12+ years to compile!

  • CDP International Certification (+4 REPs points)

  • Available WORLDWIDE, you can study anywhere in the world!

  • Takes approximately 30-50 hours of independent study time (the course is flexible learning so you can take your time).

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Price :

£ 30.00 GBP

Strengthening your foundation

Feet can tell us a lot about the way our body moves, and how our body is feeling, but often enough they don’t get the attention they deserve. We expect our feet to just get on with it and work. They take us throughout our day and we don’t pay them much attention, until we feel some sort of pain or discomfort.

We're proud to partner with The Toe Spacers and produce these videos because we want you to get to know your feet better and understand the opportunity you have to change how your feet and body feel by taking better care of them.

So, take those shoes and socks off and get ready to have your mind blown about the amazing things your feet can do!

What You'll Learn

The course includes: an introduction, 3 videos, a bonus Q&A video, course notes, over 35 exercises and is 2 hours of learning.Excited yet? Let’s get started.

If you're interested here is the first module free!

£ 30.00 GBP